Le 16 septembre 2013, Paul MOYNE nous a quittés pour l'au-delà qu'il évoquait souvent en disant: "Nous naissons avec un pied dans l'éternité, mais la vraie vie, la vie spirituelle perdure dans l'au-delà".


Graduated in physics and chemistry, Paul Moyne took part to oil prospecting researchs led in Africa.
After this experience, he returned to his first interest for physico-chemical engineering.
His knowledges allow him to give, today, credible original answers, to problems concerning the world's understanding, in particular that of the time, of the life's phenomenon, of the language and of life’s sense.


What aberration ! exclaims Paul Moyne, how intelligentsia can she believe that laws and principles govern universe, a disastrous "drift" (an error) of understanding "" (an error) of understanding, which is diffused by the scientists and admitted, without opposition, by the philosophers and theologians.
In the universe, fruit of ceaseless creations and continual "renewals", there are unchanging behaviors and some ways of evolution that we can, partially, represent by laws and principles, what is very different.
Besides, the evolutionary dynamics of the universe gives evidence of the :
- massifications of the Energy,
- "pure" energy so as to allow the coherence of the particles, atoms and molecules, and to move them,
- permanent demassification of the cosmic matter, demassification whose black holes are the singular expressions.
On the other hand, matter is memory and vector of information and of processes organizations ; that we can for example and according to Luc Montagnier's recent works ( Nobel), "restore" DNA fragments, by means of electromagnetic waves "extracted" from other DNA fragments serving as references, it’s a fact which shows that there is of the "sense"  in the matter and that electromagnetic waves are the primordial vectors because they are the only ones which can cross the quantum space separating the particles, the atoms and molecules. 
And who says "processes organizations", presupposes, naturally, interpretation and transcendency (transcendent state).

Then, what can we say about creative entity, who, eternally, manages world ?,
who judges, uses value references, particularly durations these intervals which are not space but of transcendent order, chooses, ..., in man recognizes herself in the I (ego, subject, spirit) and theorizes ? 


According to Paul Moyne,
we are evolving in a cyber world and thus,
of important increases of memory capacities on account of reliable complexity augmentations of molecules containing carbon,
and so, of substantial increases of processes organizations and of information in a specific matter containing these molecules and of the water,
have enabled origin of life.
So, life's phenomenon is a universal potentiality which is inexorably actualized (materialized to become realities) if certain conditions on a planet are adequate.
As to individuals of remarkable lineages, they have at their disposal a "genetic potential", not only which is characteristic of their complexity level, but also which can increase by means of ceaseless creative activities, until to attain, in particular circumstances, critical points (critical thresholds) at origin of sudden evolutions.

These facts led him to reconsideration numerous concepts and phenomena :

-  Sense, CommunicationInformationLanguage of the Beings,
Understanding and levels of Understanding,
Consciousness and State of consciousness,
nowledges, Truths, Errors,
Determinism, Normality, Universal constraints, Freedom,
Time and Durations, Instant
Timelessness and Eternity
-  Relativity
for the physicists, Relativity for the philosophers and theologians,
Origin of lifeEvolution of the species and Emergence of the man
Genetic language, language at the quantum level,
Potentialities : physical potentialities, biological potentialities, intellectual potentialities …,
Powers and forces, energies and matter,  
-  Substratums of the world,
Death, Post-mortem Future, Eternal Life,
Faith and Reason, ..., Thought,
Inspirations, Appearances, Revelations,
SoulSpiritual Identity,
God, power and energies, 
Sense of life, 
Relativity and neutrinos,
Transcendent world and Origins of the world, 
Higgs boson,
Sense in the living matter,
Sense in the non-living matter,
Demassification of the cosmic matter,
To understand the world.


To the texts which appear by clicking on the left part of this homepage,
texts which can be freely diffused (icon  imprimer - print), or easily suggested to friends (icon envoyer - send),
gladly Paul Moyne associates two citations :

- "Let's search with desire to find, and let's find with desire to search still." (cf. Saint Augustine),
… happy those who possess truth, those who search to renew it, those who search to deepen it, those who search to give it to the others …,

- "In interest of clearness, it appeared to me inevitable that I repeat frequently, without paying slightest attention to elegance of the presentation. I adhered scrupulously to precept of that brilliant theoretical physicist, L. Boltzmann, according to whom, care of elegance ought to be left to the tailor and cobbler." (cf. A. Einstein – Relativity, the special and general theory),

and his concise formula :

Cogito ergo mundus vivit (I think, therefore world is living).